Best Restaurant in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s best city when it comes for eating and drinking. The worldwide famous Catalan cuisine is known for its excellent flavors and sufficient portions. The taste of every dishes in Barcelona presents a different form of innovation and style . Overall culinary experience of Barcelona is not completed without its traditional Spanish food and its collection of local food. Whether trying the rich botifarra sausages with romesco sauce or the fideua dish you are surely falling for any of the dishes. Barcelona is known as the place for foodies where food varies region to region.

Starting from local must-eat foods to Michelin stars restaurant Barcelona is ready for any tastes, any occasions and under any budget. Here are the best restaurants in Barcelona that you simply can’t miss during your visit .

Dos Palillos

( Japanese, Asian, Fusion )

This small tapas restaurant in El Raval which represents the combination of Spanish panache with the help of Japanese ingredients. Chef of the restaurant Albert Raurich has earned Michelin star for his incredible menu. All the guests  are seated around an open central kitchen making an intimate atmosphere and beyond comfort zone. Dishes such as Iberian-Cantonese pork jowl, Szechuan-style jellyfish are some of the dishes which has the ability to fulfil your cravings.Spanish chef Ferran Adrià has called it “the most important Asian restaurant outside of Asia”.

Pic credit : Onnae Sloogun

What to eat ?

  • Red shrimp okizuke
  • Lberian-Cantonese pork jowl
  • Homemade chicken Ramen
  • Indian-style lberian pork rinds
  • Nigiri
  • Nignyo yaki of chocolate

Location :

Elisabets, 9, 08001 Barcelona Spain

What is the average price of the food for two people at Dos Palillos ?

90 €

How to contact Dos Palillos ?

Phone : +34933040513
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( Philippine, Latin, Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean )

Chef Laila Bazham’s life has been implemented in this restaurant and the dishes being prepared is inspired by her life while traveling throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia. The tasteful menu will let you fly from Philippines,Vietnam and Singapore to Japan,Korea , getting inspiration from different kinds of dishes from different region adding up her own signature style. Hawker45 represents the the iconic dishes such as chef’s creation with Laksa, made up with a sweet rice with shrimp, a reduction of fumet, spices,squid,coconut cream and laksa leaves or the Japanese salmon Okonomiyaki.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • Seafood
  • Chicken wings Bankok-style
  • Curry
  • Salads
  • Dessert
  • Wine
  • Cocktail

Location :

Carrer de Casp, 45, 08010 Barcelona Spain

What is the average price of the food for two people at Hawker45 ?

35 €

How to contact Hawker45 ?

Phone : +34937638315
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The Green Spot

( Mediterranean, European, Healthy )

The restaurant known for “veggies for veggies and veggies for non-veggies, The Green Spot thus manages to satisfy both the vegetarians and carnivores equally with their long list selection of pizzas, tasty curries, even healthier things such as grilled-vegetable salads. Dishes such as fried cauliflower with mint and tamarind sauce , Jerusalem artichokes and the four-cheese pizza with zucchini flowers comes under the top dishes of the restaurant.

Pic credit : Pepa Lazaro

What to eat ?

  • Pasta
  • Pizzas
  • Salad
  • Fried cauliflower with mint and tamarind sauce
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Moroccan tagine with bulgur wheat
  • Wine/Beer

Location :

Calle de la Reina Cristina 12, 08003 Barcelona Spain

What is the average price of the food for two people at The Green Spot ?

30 €

How to contact The Green Spot ?

Phone : +34938025565
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( Mediterranean, European, Spanish )

This place is called as a culinary amusement park because of its colorful interior which is maximized with full of energy. This restaurant was ranked 20 among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019. Stepping into this restaurant will make you realize the joyful atmosphere, since the dinning room is always full of people. Chef Ferran’s renowned liquid olives are here along with the crunchy tacos with Pecking-style suckling pig, also the delicate potato cubes with wagyu tartare.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • Enigma Oyster
  • Orange Shot
  • Battera Kombu Oyster
  • Pike Fish Caviar
  • Avocado Pizza
  • Crunchy Octopus
  • Marrow with Eggplant
  • Wellington Quail

Location :

Avinguda Paral·lel 164, 08015 Barcelona Spain

What is the average price of the food for two people at Tickets?

40 €

How to contact Tickets ?

Phone : +34932924252
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Picnic Restaurant

( European )

Picnic is best place recommended as a good brunch spot with full of energetic vibes. This restaurant was born from Tara (from Santa Bárbara, California) and Jaime (from Santiago, Chile), creating in 2010 a “mom and pop shop” style of restaurant having cozy space where each and every details is taken care of and the living style is presented in the dishes. Summer menus are never being left out without Pink Lemonade or Sweet Iced Tea.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • Pancakes
  • Toasts
  • Burger
  • Sandwich
  • Meloso de Ternera
  • Chiliquiles
  • Tea

Location :

1 Carrer del Comerc, 08003 Barcelona Spain

What is the average price of the food for two people at Picnic?

20 €

How to contact Picnic ?

Phone : +34 935 11 66 61
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Barcelona food includes great seafood dishes also. You will also notice neighboring influences from France and Valencia.Barcelona cuisine focuses on both creativity and tastes compare to which other Spanish regions lack. Ingredients like Olive oil, garlic and tomato are the essential ingredients used in the dishes. Hope you get to enjoy the classic and down-to-earth dishes of Barcelona culinary.