Celebrating the awesomeness of food in Sydney.

Australian under the influence of a large scale diversification of local food, which is particularly influenced from the migrants of the Mediterranean, East Asia, South Asia. Being a main production center products like cattle, sheep, poultry, milk, barley, canola including wine and beer are easily available.

Sydney is famous for its collection of classic Aussie foods  you can find amazing. Dishes such as The hipster’s staple including incredible varieties of seafood from the rich Pacific waters, Sydney rock oyster,

Avocado on toast and many more exceptional dishes. If you’re looking out for Sydney’s best restaurants that can define city’s culinary spirit with their best hospitality , check out my collections of top restaurants in the harbour city.

10 William St

( Australian and Italian )

This restaurant is known for its classic mixture of an Italian and Australian style. Well known for its varieties of wine list like red, white, skin-contact orange wines and natural vino. New head chef Trisha Greentree of 10 William St  , few signature dishes that  pretzel, the ragù, The tiramisu has been in the top of the menu. Collection of total ingredients from local  growers, producers and making them defines the overall factor of the menu. Thus this cosy and fun loving place can definitely make you feel like home.

Pic credit : Jacus Long

What to eat ?

  • Crudités & bagna cauda
  • Passionfruit & crème fraiche sorbet
  • Focaccia
  • Eggplant & parmesan fritti
  • Pretzel & whipped bottarga
  • Wines

Location :

10 William St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

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How to contact 10 William St?

Phone : +61093603310
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( Australian )

With the help of a partnership among the farmers, fisherman, breeders and providores across the land, chef Peter Gilmore executes his ability of serving delicious food through his significant menu of Australian food and wine . Bennelong serves at Sydney’s Opera house which has an extraordinary architecture along with its dishes. The ingredients used is direct and robust bringing you the natural flavours. And don’t forget to try out the  excellent Australian sweets and wine list.

Pic credit : Bennelong

What to eat ?

  • Steamed snapper
  • Goolwa pippies, garden green
  • Roasted Maremma pasture raised duck
  • Hunter sausage, cherries
  • Three milk curd ravioli
  • Confit heirloom tomatoes, young herbs
  • Tomato caramel
  • Tasmanian rock lobster, half tail
  • Lobster gnocchi, coral butter, baby leeks
  • Wine
  • Cocktails and Mocktails

Location :

Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Sydney Opera House

What is the average price of the food for two people at Bennelong?


How to contact Bennelong?

Phone : +61292408000
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Alberto’s Lounge

( Italian )

An Italian restaurant with soft-lit charm, smooth service, plush carpet and wood panelling keeping one eye on tradition and the other on how to advance it in the form of Italo for chef Daniel Pepperell. From house-made bucatini in a sauce of guanciale and its rendered fat with pecorino, chilli and tomato to mind-blowing dishes like trippa alla Romana , butter chicken with deft deployment of cream and spice, including wines.

Pic credit : Seu Lin

What to eat ?

  • Bruschetta
  • Ricotta
  • Ostriche
  • Tonnarelli
  • Agnelllo
  • Wine

Location :

17-19 Alberta St. Sydney, NSW

What is the average price of the food for two people at Alberto’s Lounge?


How to contact Alberto’s Lounge?

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( Australian )

With their never ending wine list to varieties of seafood , every dishes are detailed with the finest seasonal production from local growers and sustainably-caught seafood. Cirrus creators chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt is trusted for serving their Sydney’s  fanciest seafood dishes and spot-on pairing from Nick’s perfectly pitched wine list making a strong  impression.

Pic credit : Krystel Cochico

What to eat ?

  • Ricotta Dumplings with Blue Swimmer Crab and Verjus
  • Sydney Rock Oyster, Merimbula
  • Southern Lobster with Salted Egg Yolk Bisque
  • Murray Cod with Charred Onion, Wakame, Citru
  • Cirrus Fish and Chips with Malt Vinegar Mayonnaise
  • Wines

Location :


What is the average price of the food for two people at Cirrus ?


How to contact Cirrus ?

Phone : 0292200111
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( Australian, International )

Ester has the ability to take one or more ingredients and display them into a plate which can drive your attention towards the food easily. Ester’s signature dishes include  Mat Lindsay’s approach best: the boudin noir on steamed bread is still the best sausage sanga in the country, and the charry potato bread with kefir cream, trout roe and dashi jelly – hot, cold and very addictive – beats out all imitators. The restaurant excelling in its own skin with their international credentials in Sydney.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • Shellfish platter
  • Shishito
  • bbq pork neck
  • Salt baked mud crab
  • Wood  fired noodles
  • Wine

Location :

46-52 meagher stchippendale,
Sydney, NSW

What is the average price of the food for two people at Ester?


How to contact Ester?

Phone : +61280688279
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