Berlin’s best 4 dine out places.

Journey from the simple kitchen towards gaining global focus, Berlin cuisine has been moving forward rapidly . The city which was known for its art and club scenes, now being recognized for its food culture. Since than Berlin’s restaurants have been earning Michelin stars and most star restaurants in the country. Starting right from breakfast avant-garde vegetarian (Cookies Cream) to savory dessert for dinner and also cocktails and fine wines . Whatever you pick, you are definitely going to enjoy your meal. From ordinary to being a culinary capital popularity of both street food and the classic German dishes are updating both quality and options.

To fulfil your cravings I have come up with the list of best restaurants in Berlin.

Restaurant Tim Raue

( Asian, Fusion ) 

In a busy street of Kreuzberg near Checkpoint Charlie,you will find what looks like a parking lot and once you step through the entrance you will discover an attractive modern dinning room enlighten with flashes of color making you feel special. Tim Raue serves Asian-inspired cuisinethat is further blended into Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas, and Chinese culinary. This restaurant definitely meets customers expectation as one of the finest Asian Cuisine in Europe by chef Tim Raue.

Pic credit : Sebastian B

What to eat ?

  • Wagyu Beef
  • Sate Chicken
  • Monkfish
  • Mazara Prawn
  • Goose Liver
  • Citrus
  • Wine

Location :

Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969 Berlin Germany

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How to contact Restaurant Tim Raue ?

Phone : +493025937930
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Cookies Cream

( European, Contemporary )

Cookies Cream lead the path for best vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin. Creating a cuisine which made up of modern technique as well as keeping the old knowledge of ingredients in touch. Dishes changes with the seasonal approach and availability of fresh harvested products from their own farmers. From the Cookies Club to being a best restaurant it has come along a long way and so the delicious recipes.

Pic credit : Damain S

What to eat ?

  • Acorn & Hokkaido pumpkin
  • Essence of mushroom
  • Beet with Soba Shoyu
  • King oyster mushrooms with chanterelles
  • Apricot
  • Dim Sum truffle
  • Parmesan dumpling

Location :

Behrenstr. 55, 10117 Berlin Germany

What is the average price of the food for two people at Cookies Cream ?


How to contact Cookies Cream ?

Phone : +4930680730448
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( European, Central European )

Simplicity with high standards is maintained in this restaurants. Eins44 has mastered  the balance between professional service and casual, individual and sophisticated cuisine in a remarkable way. Lunches in Eins44 are classics while the evening menu is fixed featuring seasonal dishes like prawns with vermouth and yellow beetroot, venison with shiitake mushrooms.

What to eat ?

  • Mushroom Bao
  • Oxtail
  • Oyster and mussel
  • Lamb Tongue
  • Zander
  • Dessert

Location :

eins44 Neukölln canteen. Elbestrasse 28/29. 12045 Berlin

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How to contact Eins44 ?

Phone : +493062981212
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( European )

Well known as a dessert restaurant, Chef Rene Frank, who was former pastry guru at a three-Michelin-starred joint in northwest Germany, uses his special dessert techniques which gives an artistic result in the plate. Coda presents six wonderful finger licking menu of haikus: parsley root, coconut, pistachio; beetroot, raspberry, tofu; cacao, Jerusalem artichoke, cherry; and so on. All the dishes represents it creative work as well as the taste.Sweetness comes directly from fruits and vegetables rather using refines sugar.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • Wassermelone
  • Waffel
  • Karottenkuchen
  • Gegrillte Feige
  • Watermelon Cake
  • Grilled Fig
  • Cocktail
  • Wine

Location :

Friedelstr. 47, 12047 Berlin Germany

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How to contact Coda ?

Phone : +49493091496396
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( Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli )

Kanaan is the collaboration of Palestinian and Israeli Jew defining its authenticity towards its culinary experience.From passing through the gate into a funky outdoor area with picnic tables and sand on the ground and the interior with simple decor. This is one of the must visit restaurant in Berlin because of its popularity, you can easily experience a good meal in cheap price. During weekends , you’ll get a heaving buffet of salads along with hummus pancakes and vegan French toast, while 10 years below kids get discount and under 5 get food for free. Including signature cocktails, an anise-flavored alcohol is also available.

Pic credit : By owner

What to eat ?

  • The Syrian
  • Palestinian stuffed vegetables
  • Kanaan’s pickled vegetables (vegan)
  • Soup
  • Wines
  • Juice
  • Tea /coffee

Location :

Schliemannstrasse 15, 10437 Berlin Germany

What is the average price of the food for two people at Kanaan?


How to contact Kanaan?

Phone : +49 1590 1348077

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You can now eat everything from standard vegetarian (Cookies Cream) to local street food, ingredient-led small plates (Ernst) to savory dessert for dinner (CODA) and by touching a finishing line by fine wine or cocktail lists, This options of best restaurants in Berlin can make you realize that Berlin also comes under competition with other worlds best restaurants.